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2023 Registration Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

🛑 If my player played last year, do I need to provide their birth certificate and proof of residency?
A: NO, they’ve already been verified

🛑 Where are games played?
A: ⚾️Baseball - Minors/majors may only play at community center, depending on how many teams we’re able to form.  50/70 and Juniors play all over District 67 with all leagues. 
A: 🥎Softball - All 3 divisions will participate within the Stan County Softball League, a handful of games with MYSA, and some games with other little league teams.

🛑 How old does my player have to be to play?
A: We accept players league ages 8-14. However, ALL league age 8 year olds will be REQUIRED to attend at least one evaluation so we can assure their safety.

🛑 If I’m interested in coaching a team, or assisting, who do I contact?
A: You can either complete the coach’s application on the registration site or send us and email and we will email you one. ⚠️All coaches must complete this, as well as a background check form.

🛑 Do you have tee-ball?
A: No we do not. The youngest division we have is at the minor level.

🛑 Can we request a coach?
A: No. All players are placed onto teams through a draft system, or a hat pick. If your player attends one of the two evaluations, then they get drafted by a coach. If your player misses evaluations, then they become a hat pick at the end of the draft. Unless your player is league age 8, then they MUST attend an eval. 

🛑 When are practices and games, and when does the season end?
A: Our season opens February 1st, and opening day is in March. Each team is allowed to have 3 events per week, and this includes games. The game schedule is made in February, and practice schedules are made at the end of January. Regular season ends for all in mid-May. Baseball begins in-house TOC’s right after that, and district TOC’s begin in late May/early June. 

🛑 I want to sponsor a team, how do I do that?
A: Yay! Email us and we will send you what you would need to do. 

🛑 What are evaluations, and when are they?
A: Player evaluations typically take place in January. This is structured like a tryout. Your player will receive a number they wear, and they perform skills in front of all of the coaches in their division. The coaches make notes during this process, and then rank players according to skill to prepare for the draft.

Additional FAQs: 

Q: When does online registration begin?

A:  November 1

Q: What are the requirements for registration?

A: The player must either live or attend school within the Ripon,CA boundaries.

Q: If I register online do I have to upload proofs of residency and Birth Certificate?

A: No. At this point Little League International still requires the Local League to see the original documents in person, to prevent from fraudulent or altered documents being accepted.   

Q: What are the dates I can bring the required documents to verify?

A: Upload online in registration by evaluations in January.

Any participants not fully registered (this includes a document review) will not be able to participate until document review has been completed or your player will be placed on the waiting list.

Q: What documents do I need to bring to verify the Leagues Boundary qualifications?

A: You can choose one of two methods; school verification or residence verification.

If you will be using the school verification method your child will need to go to an elementary or junior high school in our league boundaries. Fill out and download a Little League School Enrollment form and get it signed by a school administrator, Principal or Vice Principal. You must be enrolled in the school prior to October 1st, 2019 to use this form. 

If you will be using the proof of residency verification method you will need to provide 3 original documents showing the parents name and residential address within our boundaries, using at least one document from each of the following three groups.

NOTE: Documents (other than a driver's license) must show a date between February 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020.

Group 1

1. Drivers License

2. School Records

3. Vehicle Records (i.e registration, lease, etc.)

4. Employment Records

5. Insurance Documents


Group 2

1. Welfare/Child Care records

2. Federal Records (Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)

3. State Records

4. Local (Municipal) Records

5. Support Payment Records

6. Homeowner or Tenant Records

7. Military Records


Group 3

1. Voter's Registration

2. Utility Bills (i.e gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)

3. Financial Records (i.e loan, credit, investments, etc.)

4. Medical Records

5. Internet, Cable or Satellite Records


NOTE: Example - Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document. Any documents submitted as proof of residence must show customary usage or consumption to demonstrate bona fide continuous habitation as determined by Little League Baseball, Incorporated in its discretion.

**Example of correct proof of residency:  1. Drivers license, 2. first page of IRS tax return (financial info blacked out) 3. Utility bill 


TIP! If your child is selected for an All Star team, these exact records will need to be provided again and turned into the district administrator. It is a good idea to keep these records in a safe place so that you have access to them once again at the end of the season.

Q: If I have a signed school verification form but do not go to that school any longer can I still use that form?

A: No. If you have changed schools you will need a new form from the new school as long as it is in our league boundary area.  If the new school is not in our boundary you will need to use the residency verification method to finish your registration. If you have completely moved out of our area and no longer attend a school in our area you may still continue to play with us as long as you played the previous Spring season and will need a Regulation IId Waiver.  Let us know during document verification if this is the case so we can get the Regulation IId Waiver taken care of.

Q: How do I know what division to register my child in?

A: Registration this year is by "League Age" and what division you would prefer your child to play in, as some ages in each division overlap.  For Little League, League Age is determined by dates set by Little League and not necessarily the age of your child during the season. Understand that ultimately the league will choose the division your child plays in by considering your child's league age, how many teams we have in each division and by the league draft.

Q: Do all kids have to be evaluated (tryout) to get on a team?

A:Yes field evaluations are required.

Q: Can my child be on the same team as their friends?

A: This depends on the division your child plays in.  Requests to play with friends can be made for children. The league will try their best to accommodate all requests but there is no guarantee.

Q: Can I get a refund if my child decides not to play?

A: Ripon Little League has elected to not provide any refunds via its website or electronically for the 2019 year. If a legitimate reason for refund is determined then it will be given in the form of a check from Ripon Little League to the person who made the original registration payment.

Q: When does the Spring season start?

A: Field Evaluations and the Drafts are in January, practices start in February and Games usually begin in March.  The regular season ends before June. Qualifying upper division teams may play into June. Qualifying All Star players may play into July and even August if they keep winning.

Q: What days are practices and games?

A: Practices are usually scheduled by the individual managers based on field availability and the managers personal schedule.  Games can be played any day during the week and on Saturdays as well. Expect one game during the week and one game on Saturday.  Weekday games usually begin at 5:45 p.m. Game schedules are created in mid-February.

Q: What is provided with my registration fee?

A: The league provides fields to play on, a uniform which consists of a jersey & hat.  Managers are provided with practice baseballs (if available), game baseballs, team batting helmets and catchers gear for the team they manage. Socks, belt & pants are not included. Players should have their own glove and cleats. Most Players have their own bats and helmets.

⚾️🥎Please feel free to always reach to [email protected] with any other questions!

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